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Fast, Fun and Easy to use on all hard surfaces, including: Paint, chrome, glass, motorcycle windshields, etc. Use MIST-N-SHINE* Professional Detailer regularly to "quick dust" and give your vehicle that just-waxed slippery feel and "wet look", without scratching, streaking or smearing. MIST-N-SHINE safely removes dust, bugs, mild road grime, oily fingerprints and light water spotting. Perfect for use as a waterless wash; or final detail after machine buffing. This special formula is safe for all types of paint, clearcoat, metal, glass, plastic and rubber trim. MIST-N-SHINE is a gloss enhancer, and works best on a previously polished (smooth) surface. MIST-N-SHINE contains no wax or petroleum solvents and is recommended for use with WIZARDS® MYSTIC CLAY.


Kit Attributes:

  • Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness.
  • Brightens paint, chrome, plastics.
  • Safe for fresh paint, show chrome and Lexan.
  • Hides swirls, will not scratch* or streak*, even in direct sun.
  • Anti-static, perfect for spot cleaning or "dry washing" to remove dust, bugs, oily fingerprints and more.
  • Contains no wax or petroleum solvents.
  • Enhances gloss and protection between polishing with Shine Master™.
  • Shines motorcycles, cars, boats... even mirrors at home.
  • Marine use; As a quick detailer/clean up. Removes finger prints, streaks. Use on exterior, windshields and windows.


Key Features:

  • Spray-On Application
  • Detail Spray
  • 22 oz Container Size


Directions: Shake lightly. Spray onto a dry surface, a small area at a time. Work in evenly using a WIZARDS® MULTI-FIBER™ cloth #11420. This towel guarantees even application, and fast, no-streak, smear-free drying, resulting in a slippery, high gloss finish. For best results and extended durability, occasional use of WIZARDS® MYSTIC NANO WAX™ #11030/11039 is recommended.


SKU: 01214

Wizards Mist-N-Shine, 22 oz Spray Bottle

SKU: 01214
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