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WIZARDS TIRE & VINYL SHINE™ is a NON-greasy Dressing & Protectant that penetrates and beautifies rubber, leather, vinyl, interior and exterior plastic trim and more. This anti-static UV protectant formula doubles as an Interior Detailer for dash, seats and trim, as well as exterior bumper extensions, vinyl tops, tires and weather-stripping, while forming a dry shield to protect against ultra-violet rays and color degradation.


Kit Attributes:

  • Great for tires and motorcycle seats.
  • Non-greasy, non-slippery.
  • Beautifies vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic, exterior trim and more.
  • Anti-static, forms a dry shield to protect.
  • No residue to attract dust or transfer to clothing.
  • Water-based, non-toxic formula can be easily removed for paint preparation.
  • Adjustable gloss: high, medium, natural.
  • Marine use: for interior seats, cover, rubber moldings, trailer tires.


Key Features:

  • Spray-On Application
  • Tire Dressing and Protectant
  • 22 oz Container Size


Directions: Shake bottle lightly, then spray generously onto a foam applicator pad. Spread out a wet and even application, which will dry quickly. For full application and more gloss, spray directly onto surface and allow soaking, then wipe evenly with a foam applicator pad.


For Best Results: Pre clean if necessary. Never apply over a heavily soiled surface or over greasy silicone tire dressings. Use WIZARDS® POWER CLEAN™ #11088 for a quick clean-up before application. TIRES: One or two applications will generally provide a "like new" natural look. Additional coats extend gloss without oily sling. BOATS: Applying WIZARDS® TIRE & VINYL SHINE" to boat seats and fabric covers can help prevent mildew growth in storage.


SKU: 11055

Wizards Tire & Vinyle Shine, 22 oz Bottle

SKU: 11055
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